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We look for the right candidate who will join your company on a direct contract. Besides work experience, knowledge and skills we also look at the person and soft skills so that someone really fits with you and the team.
Are you looking for a temporary hire to cover a momentary increase in work, to replace a sick employee or for a project? Or, does the budget not allow for a permanent hire?

We can be of assistance.

There are 2 options:

On contract with TS
The employee will be contracted by us for the duration of the assignment. It is also possible to go for a ‘detavast’ construction. You can offer the employee a direct contract after an agreed contracting time without any additional costs.

As Freelancer/ZZP
The temporary assignment will be fulfilled by a freelancer or ZZP.

Total Solutions takes care of the screening, and we guard the “Ketenaansprakelijkheid” by using DBA contracts. Total Solutions is NEN 4400-1 certified. You can find more information on Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA).
A full time HR officer is often a big expense for companies with less than 50 staff. We can offer support as HR officer for a couple of hours a week or with other related HR issues.

Possible issues:

- Support in long term sick employees (Wet Poortwachter)
- PES screening for new employees
- Advice in contracts, personnel policies, salary benchmarking
- Drawing up job roles
- Inhouse recruitment
- Advice on personnel planning
Outplacement: A personal journey

Organisational changes can lead to reorganization and layoffs. We can help you with the support of your employees during this time. We know from experience that personal guidance 1 on 1 is 80% more effective in finding a new position then working with a group. That is why all our outplacement programs are individual.

How do we work? Together with the employee look at the possible steps and start our search for “the perfect” new position and look at the possibilities and training requirements.

Part of the personal outplacement program is:
- Writing of an effective resume
- Positioning on social media
- Guidance and support in taking the next step and search for a new role
- Writing a good motivation letter
- Interview training

Coaching and personal career guidance: From passion to ambition

We start with discussing the work history of the employee. It is not relevant whether you have been working for 1 year or if you have a long track record.

Next steps:
- Together we research where he/her is passioned about
- We translate this passion into ambition
- Together we take a closer look on where the person stands today
- Then we make a step by step plan based on the set goals
If you know where you want to go, it is easier to find the right direction and the steps that need to be made.

If you are looking for a solution to avoid different agencies sending multiple invoices every moth for hours worked, we can take over your administration. You would only receive 1 invoice (with specification) to process for all temporary staff.

- Screening and onboarding of new staff
- Registration of worked hours
- Payment to the different suppliers
It is also possible to only take over the PES screening for new staff.

You can think of:
- ID verification
- Declaration of behaviour (VOG)
- Integrity checks
- Check of diploma’s
- Work experience
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