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We work in the best profession there is, and so do you. Get us started, and we’ll be talking about it for hours. The financial sector is after all the most important cornerstone of the Dutch economy. Hence our drive to select, support and develop the best professionals in the business. For treasury departments, for example, or for banks, asset management companies and other financial institutions. And we’ve been doing it for the last fifteen years.
We all come out of the financial sector ourselves, making us able to anticipate which professionals will be the best fit for your company, and quickly provide you with the most suitable and talented candidates.
We also take care of training your staff or successfully supporting them during any eventual outplacement schemes. And in everything we do, we look not only at today’s demand, but tomorrow’s too.
We would like to invite you to sit down with us, to exchange ideas about this fascinating sector and about how we can contribute to your success. Not from a traditional customer-supplier relationship, but as professionals working together.

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Our practice areas

  • Banken
  • Custodian
  • Financiele Markt
  • Corporate Treasury
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Payment & Cards
  • Geldmarkt
  • Investeringsbank
  • Kapitaalmarkt
  • Pensioenfonds
  • Private BAnking
  • Treasury
  • Vermogensbeheer/Assetmanagement

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