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Treasury Liquidity Consultant

DienstverbandAantal uren per weekOpleidingsniveau
36 - 40Academisch
Noord-HollandNienke de Kruijf3017


Looking for an experienced liquidity - treasury consultant!

Wide range of tasks with special focus on on:

  • Liquidity Risk Management Framework - procedures, documents, controls, embedding in organisation
  • Reporting  - regulatory, management, process improvement, creation of dash boards
  • Projects - equity derivatives clearing

Of course you are also involved in day-to-day issues like monitoring funding and solving issues.

What do you bring with you:

  • Knowledge and experience in the financial sector and in treasury in particular;
  • Excellent English communication skills;
  • Accuracy and awareness that processes within the company are interrelated;
  • Fostering a culture of continuous process improvement;
  • Customer-friendly and strong stakeholder management skills ;

For more information and a detailled job description pls contact Nienke +31205304380 or jobs@ts.eu

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