The solutions proces

Whether you are looking for a permanent or a temporary job, you have come to the right place. For temporary assignments, you will be employed by us. We also of course work with freelancers, on the basis of a DBA agreement (Assessment of Employment Relationships Agreement).

The process is divided into several stages.

  • Appointment at the office

    We have had a personal conversation with all the employees we deploy. During this conversation we mainly talk about you and your ambitions. Where does your experience lie and what are your expectations? We also of course take care of all the administrative matters, such as identity verification, checking qualifications and the signing of the GDPR-related documents.

  • We look for the match

    For every assignment, we go in search of the right candidate. Based on your CV, wishes and ambitions, we match you to the appropriate position. There are many variables that determine whether a job is the right fit, which is why we do the preliminary work for you. We present the options, leaving it to you to decide if you want to be put forward for a specific assignment.

  • Meeting the client

    Now it is your turn, you have a meeting with HR or the hiring manager! Be well prepared! You will receive as much information as possible from us about the position, the company, and the person you will be meeting. Make sure you prepare any questions, get enough sleep, arrive on time and, above all, make sure that you are looking forward to the conversation. It is not just a selection interview for your client, but for you too.

  • Start!

    Congratulations! You’ve been hired! The administrative process now follows. Contract, screening, applying for a VOG. Once this has all been completed, it is time to get started!

Why Total Solutions?

We are specialists both within the financial sector and for financial functions outside of the sector. Putting the right man or woman in the right place requires knowledge, experience and focus. All our consultants come from the field and have financial market experience. Get in touch to find out more about us and our way of working.

“Total Solutions helped me find the job that really suits me”

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Are you an entrepreneurial professional and would you like to work with Total Solutions? Are you looking for addition to the team within your financial organization? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your issue? We are happy to make time for this. After all, everything starts with a good conversation.