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Finding Short-Term Professionals

Are you looking for the right replacement for the great colleague that is away? Do you need extra reinforcement because of a peak in the workload? Or do you need to replace a member of staff that has been assigned to a temporary project? We supply the right professionals for these situations. We see it as our task to cover your needs for temporary staff just as we would for permanent positions.

Thanks to our background in the financial world we can quickly and accurately anticipate the requirements of the function you are looking for, and select the best candidate. We have built up a rich network of candidates, which has only grown in the last fifteen years. We work with candidates in the middle and higher segment, but also with a selection of very promising starters.

Selection process

Our selection process is fast and efficient. We talk to all the candidates personally in advance in order to be able to make the best selection. We often find that – after several extensions and satisfaction on both sides – temporary functions are made permanent.

A pre PES screening is part of our intake. A good match can be realised within a few days. We work on a no-cure no-pay basis. Temporary staff are employed by Total Solutions during the project, or work independently as freelancers.

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