Whether you have come to a mutual agreement to no longer work together, or you have been asked to leave, we can guide you through the transition. Perhaps you want more insight into your current career path or are interested in taking a new step? This is something we can also help you with.

The outplacement process is completely tailored to your company situation. And although the programme differs for every company, there are various phases of our approach that can be identified.

Collective outplacement support

With collective dismissals, it is important to start outplacement support at an early stage, particularly when employees are expected to continue working for a while. Starting the search for a new job early provides, despite the fact that they are losing their job, a sense of taking a positive step forward.

First of all, the current situation of the company and departments is sketched. Once the situation has been properly defined, an appropriate programme can be devised.

“You’re on the wheel”

Individual support

The outplacement process is a personal one. Experience has taught us that one-on-one guidance offers 80% more success in terms of finding a new position than traditional group support.

Together, we determine your personal objectives and expectations, then work towards them together.  We will also go in search of your perfect job, explore the possibilities and any necessary training required. Part of outplacement includes writing your CV, positioning yourself on social media, searching for the appropriate function, writing a powerful motivation, interview practice, and all other relevant aspects.

Career guidance

First of all, we talk in order to gain insight into the experience you have gained in your past. We will then look at what your passion is. We translate this passion into what ambitions you still have in your professional career. It does not matter whether you are just starting out, or already have a wealth of experience. Our coaches can help you realise your ambitions.  Once your ambitions are clearly formulated, we will look at where you are now and design a roadmap towards your ambitions.

Once your roadmap has been defined, you will be able to take your first steps towards the vacancies that appeal to you, bringing you closer to realising your ambitions.

Contract management

Temporary staffing




Are you an entrepreneurial professional and would you like to work with Total Solutions? Are you looking for addition to the team within your financial organization? Or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your issue? We are happy to make time for this. After all, everything starts with a good conversation.