Finding Permanent Professionals

The right man or woman in the right place. It sounds so simple, yet requires so much knowledge, experience and focus. The preferences of both organisations and candidates change. Each generation of employees has its own ideas and vision.

Finding the most suitable candidate is not just a question of listening to your requirements, but also to the requirements of the candidate. What do both parties need? How do they envision the future? What kind of investments do you expect from a new employee and what investments does the employee expect in return?

Thanks to our background in the financial world we can quickly and accurately anticipate the requirements of the function you are looking for, and select the best candidate. We have built up a rich network of candidates, which has only grown in the last fifteen years. We work with candidates in the middle and higher segment, but also with a selection of very promising starters.

Selection process

Our selection process is thorough, fast and efficient. We discuss the function profile and the department culture with you. We then select and present the most suitable candidates. Prior to this, we discuss with the candidates their expectations and ambitions, and the opportunities that the function has to offer, in order to manage the expectations well on both sides. A pre PES screening is part of our intake. A good match can be realised within a few days. We work on a no-cure no-pay basis.

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