Our Professionals

The team at Total Solutions provides a solution for every personnel issue. We have professionals for recruitment, temporary staff, and outplacements.
Each of us has worked in the financial sector for quite some time. We understand the issues, what is needed, who the real professionals are and how to make them even better.
We also share a great enthusiasm for the profession. The best profession there is, in our opinion.
With our clients, we not only look at the question on the table, but also at the question behind the question, until we’ve found the best solution.
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Nora de Groot


Nora has over 15 years experience in the Financial Markets. She worked for ABN AMRO Bank and F&C investment in operations and various trading roles in Amsterdam, Tokyo and London.
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Robi Dattatreya

Founder and Business Development

Robi has previously had several roles in Investment Banking with ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam and Frankfurt and furthermore as Treasurer with exchange listed companies.
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Waheba Batou

Senior Consultant

I started in 2005 at Total Solutions. In 1998 I began my adventure in operations at Euronext. Following this, I gained more experience in working with back-middle offices processes within private banking. 
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Nienke de Kruijf

Senior Consultant

For more than 10 years I have worked, with a lot of pleasure, as a team manager for ABN AMRO Bank and ING Investment Management.
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Helga Verwey


I work within our financial department and I am responsible for the financial administration of Total Solutions.
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Ikram Batou


After my graduation I have searched for a challenge with a diversity on tasks and I found my challenge at Total Solutions in 2015. Meanwhile I gained experience on processes and developed myself to the role of Consultant. I enjoy the daily contact with our employees, candidates and clients the most.
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Deanne Vos-van Bladeren


After 35 years working within Operations at 3 different banks, I was ready for a new challenge. At Total Solutions I found this challenge; In April 2016 I started as a consultant.
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Ilse Kok


For more than 10 years I have been involved in people and organization, from reintegration to career coaching. As a consultant at Total Solutions, I am happy to use this experience to reach the optimal match for companies and candidates.
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Tom van Marwijk


After my studies, I stayed with Total Solutions to take on the marketing activities. I am mainly concerned with optimizing the website and finding new opportunities.

Debbie Bouguenon

Senior Consultant

The past ten years I am a recruiter, always trying to find the best match for both different professionals as well for a broad clientele. After so many years it still offers so much satisfaction and pleasure to deliver the best result for all parties involved in this process.