Working with SimCorp Dimension

Banks and financial institutions often use IT packages from specialist suppliers to automate their processes. By using third-party packages, banks do not have to develop such systems themselves, avoiding all the associated risks. A good example of an IT package that is used by many financial institutions, is SimCorp Dimension.

What is SimCorp Dimension?

SimCorp Dimension is the flagship of SimCorp, one of the largest suppliers of software packages for financial services. SimCorp Dimension is an integrated solution to manage the registration and measurement of investments. This system is specially designed for asset management.

What does SimCorp Dimension do?

SimCorp Dimension is a software package that integrates the entire process of asset management, from front office to back office, by means of a portfolio management system. The SimCorp Dimension software package is used by many of market leaders in the financial markets to manage, improve and make investments more transparent. The package makes it possible for investors to monitor all of their investments in one system.

SimCorp Dimension Specialist

As SimCorp Dimension Specialist, you play an important role within asset management, overseeing all the processes. As SimCorp Dimension specialist, you are continually working on improving the process and can be deployed to help with change processes. The function is very dynamic, bringing you into contact with various roles within the organisation, from business controllers to the end users.

SimCorp Dimension Officer

A SimCorp Dimension Officer works within the Functional Management and Data Management department. You will work in a team of data analysts, where you will perform data-analysis and investigate possible improvements. Your results will be reported in pragmatic advice.

SimCorp Dimension Functional Manager

As Functional Manager, you are the link between business and IT. You are the point of contact when issues arise within the process. It is important you have knowledge of both business processes and IT systems. You are also responsible for translating the wishes of the business into pragmatic IT solutions.

Business Analyst with experience of SimCorp Dimension

Business Analyst supports the business with the setting up and optimising of business processes. Within the organisation, you are positioned between the business and supporting departments. The objective of the business analyst is to translate the needs of the business into practical solutions, taking into account business operations aspects.

Do you have experience of SimCorp Dimension and are you looking for a job where you can use this expertise? We have several clients who are continually looking for people with SimCorp experience.

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