Working with Calypso

In the constantly changing world of financial institutions, technology has an essential role within the processes. The Calypso is software that makes the entire process, from front office to back office, transparent and measurable.

Who supplies Calypso?

Calypso Technology was founded in 1997. The head office is located in San Francisco, with twenty other offices in eighteen different countries. Calypso has developed an integrated software package with which large financial institutions can monitor and optimise their processes and carry out risk management with one single package. They have won various awards for best IT package, with their most important product being the ‘Bank in a Box’, providing insight into the processes, from front to back office.

What does Calypso do?

Calypso Technology is specialised in asset management, risk management, clearing, investment management, capital markets and more. With its integrated approach, Calypso makes this complex process transparent, providing insight into both problems and opportunities. This makes it possible for financial institutions to make processes clear and to manage risks. The goal of Calypso is to structure the processes as efficiently as possible so that time can be used optimally.

Calypso Officer

Calypso Officer supports the developers in rolling out change processes. You help with testing and report the findings.

Calypso Functional Manager

As Functional Manager you are the link between business and IT. You support users when issues arise. You are also the contact person between the Calypso supplier and the IT organisation, facilitating the implementation of any needs.

Calypso Specialist

As Calypso Specialist you help with the development and implementation of new processes. You are the Calypso specialist and can be deployed to help with change processes. The function is diverse, bringing you into contact with various departments within the organisation, from front office to back office.

Business Analyst with Calypso experience

A Business Analyst works with IT departments to structure the processes as efficiently as possible for business. You are positioned within the organisation between the business and IT department. The objective of the business analyst is to translate the wishes of the business into practical IT solutions.

Do you have experience with Calypso and are you curious about where you can further apply this expertise? We have several clients who are continually looking for people with Calypso experience.

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