What is sustainable personnel policy?

Sustainable – who isn’t familiar with this word?! It is used for a myriad of things, and now also for personnel policy. So, what actually is ‘sustainable personnel policy’? According to the dictionary, sustainable is ‘causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time’. But how do you apply this to your work and to your own role as an employee or employer? We believe that long-term, good (mental) health and doing what suits you are the principles for a sustainable personnel policy.

Joint role

Early retirement is a thing of the past. People continue to work to an increasingly advanced age, with the retirement age shifting as a result. In addition, the expectations that employers have of their employees are also constantly changing. Skills that were once a reason for promotion have lost their relevance and vice versa. The only way to remain ‘sustainably employable’ as an employee is to change with these expectations. Vice versa, it is also the employer’s responsibility to give employees space to develop and grow with these evolving expectations.

Three practical tips regarding sustainable personnel policy:

  1. Ensure that you keep learning as employee. Use your annual training budget! Many Collective Labour Agreements (CAOs) include (personal) education budgets but are simply not used. So…learn!
  2. Select not only courses for your current position, but also adjacent areas. Preferably coinciding with your personal interests. This makes you employable in the long-term and results in something that suits you.
  3. Keep innovating and looking for ways to do your daily work better. Long-term employability is key.

Sustainability is a form of collaboration…

A sustainable personnel policy is making as much use as possible of every individual’s talents. Which means that it is beneficial for you, and your employer, to know what your talents are. By talking about, and trying out the possibilities together, you can only grow in your working life. A little bit of yourself and a little help from your employer.

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