What is career guidance?

Career guidance means guiding someone’s career. The purpose of this is to allow this person to function optimally within their capacities.

During career counseling you will look for what your passion is and what possibilities there are for you to find this passion in your work. You can consult an expert advisor who is willing to help you with difficult questions in the field of work and career. These questions can be about choosing a new job, doubts about your current job, but also questions like “What is my passion?” and “Am I happy with my career?”.

When can you use career guidance?

There are many different reasons why you can choose career counseling. Often it comes down to you developing yourself further and sorting out your options, others have doubts about their current career due to problems at work, for example. Career guidance can also occur when your current employer strives to get the most out of employees by being able to consciously paint a picture of the capacities and talents.

Another situation where career counseling comes into play is when your employer has applied for resignation. In this case career guidance will be part of outplacement.

Does career counseling work?

By gaining a conscious picture of your own talents, possibilities and wishes in the field of your career, your job satisfaction will only increase, according to research. You may come to the realization that your current job is no longer within your ambitions and that your talents can better be used for another job that fits better. Then you can make the choice easier with the help of career guidance. A fresh look from the outside can also give yourself new insights. In addition to these benefits, career guidance also has a positive impact on an organization as a whole, because it would allow your employer to make better use of your talents.

What does a career counseling process look like?

During the career counseling process, you will therefore look for what motivates you in your professional life. When you decide to follow a career guidance trajectory, it looks like this.

Step 1: What have you done already?

In step 1 we will look together at what experience you have gained in the past. We will make an inventory of this and include it in the next steps. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been working for a few years or if you’ve already had a long career.

Step 2: What is your ambition?

We will then look at what your passion is and where you would like to grow in your career. It is important that your ambitions are achievable with your work history. You often also make an assessment to determine whether your ambitions are realistic and achievable.

Step 3: Making a roadmap to your ambition

As soon as your work history and your ambitions have been mapped out, we will look at how you can achieve your ambition. For example, is additional training necessary or can you already find a nice job with your current work experience. In this step we make a roadmap to your dream job.

Step 4: Taking first steps

When your roadmap has been mapped out, you can take your first steps to realize your ambitions. You do this together with our career counselors who will continue to guide you throughout this process until you have found a new job.

Personal contact

At Total Solutions, personal contact is very important to us. We believe that being able to look someone in the eye during an appointment is one of the most important aspects of getting to know someone. Are you looking for a new challenge with the help of career guidance? At Total Solutions you can go for coaching to see what possibilities there are for a new career. We employ experienced coaches who have proved very successful in guiding people towards new careers. Whether this is in the same field or a whole new challenge.

Have you become curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to make an appointment and join us or send an email for more information to: info@ts.eu or call: +31 20 530 4380.

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