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What is career guidance?

Career guidance means guiding someone’s career. The purpose of this is to allow this person to function optimally within their capacities. During career counseling you will look for what your passion is and what possibilities there are for you to find this passion in your work. You can consult an expert advisor who is willing […]

What is outplacement

Outplacement means: ‘Guidance in finding a new job for employees threatened with resignation’. The employer is not legally obliged to offer an outplacement program to employees. Good employership is a legal requirement however. An outplacement program can fall under this if the situation warrants it. When are you entitled to outplacement? Although offering an outplacement […]

What is agile working?

Agile working is increasingly used in companies of all sizes and in almost all branches, including banks and financial institutions. What is agile? Agile working is a flexible way of working in project structures. It originates from the IT world, where developers had to be able to respond quickly to the changing needs of the […]

What is sustainable personnel policy?

Sustainable – who isn’t familiar with this word?! It is used for a myriad of things, and now also for personnel policy. So, what actually is ‘sustainable personnel policy’? According to the dictionary, sustainable is ‘causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time’. But how do you […]

What is a Pre-Employment Screening (PES)?

A Pre-employment screening (PES) is a background check that takes place before you are able to start working for your employer. Nearly all banks and financial institutions require a PES-screening and it is often already stated in the job vacancy. It is essential that financial institutions are safe and operate with integrity. For this purpose, the […]

Working with Calypso

In the constantly changing world of financial institutions, technology has an essential role within the processes. The Calypso is software that makes the entire process, from front office to back office, transparent and measurable. Who supplies Calypso? Calypso Technology was founded in 1997. The head office is located in San Francisco, with twenty other offices […]

Working with SimCorp Dimension

Banks and financial institutions often use IT packages from specialist suppliers to automate their processes. By using third-party packages, banks do not have to develop such systems themselves, avoiding all the associated risks. A good example of an IT package that is used by many financial institutions, is SimCorp Dimension. What is SimCorp Dimension? SimCorp […]

What does a business controller do?

A Business Controller helps the management of a business with the financial housekeeping. The main focus is on the planning and control cycle within a company, which consists of financial reports, investment analyses, cost settlements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, budgets, the annual accounts, and multi-year planning. Another important task is to improve operational processes and […]

What does an asset manager do?

Asset Managers invest money on behalf of their clients. With the objective of achieving the highest possible return, within the set agreements. Clients include pension funds, insurance companies and institutional investors, but private investors can also make use of an asset manager. What is invested in, depends on the client’s requirements, the so-called mandate. What is […]

What does a CDD analyst do?

A Customer Due Diligence Analyst is an important function within banks and insurance companies. The position is becoming ever more important, especially with the new privacy regulations and an increasing focus on illegal flows of money from criminals, tax fraudsters and terrorists. A Customer Due Diligence (CDD) analyst investigates new and existing customers. If banks or […]