Outplacement, the succesor of life time employment

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated around 500 BC: ‘There is nothing permanent except change’. Nowadays this statement is perhaps even more relevant. Changes are aspects of life that are there to stay, change is permanent.

When organisational change is accepted as a permanent situation, company’s should prepare their workforce for continuous change. Preparing the workforce is not only about hiring the right people and regular training, it also includes effective outplacement.

Company’s invest heavily in their workforce. It starts with the investment in the recruitment process and the introduction program. It will also cost the new employee a few months to familiarise himself with the new environment and get up to speed. It is only after a period of time that the employee starts adding value to the company. All in all a couple of months salary invested in the new employee.

Because of the continuous change, on a regular base departments and employees are also made redundant. Losing your job due to a redundancy program is not about personal capacity, it is about working at the wrong time in the wrong department. Also expectations of the employees have changed. Just a generation ago people were looking for a career at a well-respected employer. The present generation enters into an employment contract for a meaning full period. People will leave, when the job is not challenging anymore and when the learning curve is flattening. Life time employment is outdated.

When a company does not believe in life time employment, the company should not only have proper recruitment and training procedures, but also an effective outplacement program. Some well-respected firms even have stretched the outplacement into an art and created strong networks of former employees for mutual benefit. Effective outplacement helps companies to become the employer of choice in the increasingly competitive labour market.

An important aspect of making outplacement effective is to hire an organisation that understand the redundant staff and knows the specific labour marked. Consider the recruitment organisation who is helping you to hire the right people. They understand your staff and have inside knowledge of your market segment. Alternatively select an outplacement organisation who has enough knowledge of the labour market relevant for your company.

Total Solutions as a specialized recruitment organisation has run a number of effective outplacement programmes for her clients. The results are impressive. In the middle of the crisis, around 90% of the redundant staff found a new job within a couple of months, just a view staff members left prematurely during the change program, sick leave remained stable and employee’s kept motivated until the last phase of their employment. The positive effects of the program far outwaited the costs of the outplacement and was just a fraction of the recruitment investment.

So if you do not believe in life time employment, implement effective outplacement.

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